Men Over Age 40

Let us face it;  psychotherapy is not the first thing on your mind.  However, you go through the grind of everyday stressors and you have feelings too. Sometimes things come to a head and you do need to talk to a professional.  Evading these realities of life can degrade one's emotional, psychological and mental health,  leading to the aggravation of problems like: 


  - Stress

  - Depression

  - Anxiety

  - Anger and bitterness

  - Self-doubt and self-hate

  - Broken relationships, etc

 Throw in the turbulence of mid-life crisis and we have a real problem here. Let no one tell you that “men don’t cry”. Do not wait for these issues to consume you and your values. Do not wait for breaking point before you seek help. Book your first free 30 minute session with me and start the journey to rediscover yourself and be the man you want to be

Negligence of your emotional and psychological health will aggravate other physical issues like:

   - Cardiovascular problems including hypertension

   - Headaches

   - Upset stomach

   - Insomnia

   - Decreased libido

   - Erectile dysfunction

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