About Me

Janny Jinor

I am a Board Certified Tele Mental Health Provider, licensed as an Independent Clinical Social Worker, with a PhD in Psychology.  I have over 12 years of clinical experience. Some of the salient issues I have worked on are:  military combat stress and PTSD, psychological wellness and treatment adherence for people living with HIV/AIDS and their families, child welfare, research on trauma and secondary trauma, displaced populations, educator on stress management, prevention and self-care. As the CEO of Miralife Teletherapist,  I am proud to join the mission to care for our nation's veterans, as a participating provider in the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Veterans Choice Program.

While our primary clients are veterans, we also  provide services to  expatriates and international workers, and we provide psychological assessments for legal purposes including social security disability and fitness for work. 

Veterans are often reluctant to seek help with emotional and psychological problems. They have learned through their training to tough it up and accomplish the mission. Veterans are often unprepared for the psychological turbulence involved in everyday civilian life, where tasks such as going to the grocery store could result in a psychological crisis. Miralife Tele-Therapist understands these problems and is here to navigate your psychological wellness journey with you.

Expats working for non-governmental and multilateral organizations are often good at caring for others while ignoring their own psychological well being.  Being away from family, and the consistent difficulties involved in creating solid and long lasting relationships, work burnout, stress, depression and compassion fatigue can take a toll on anyone. 

In addition to the above,  we have solid experience in other issues:  women's issues, relationship problems, the stress from family, work and everyday responsibilities, PMS, postpartum depression, the swings of perimenopause and menopause, weight gain and self image issues,  to name a few. 

You can count on us when "hanging in there" is no longer enough. We understand that problems are manageable and solvable when you choose to start working on them. When you toss and turn at night, when the emotional pain from everyday life becomes unbearable and you feel hopeless and despair, take that first, yet difficult step to contact MiraLife Tele-Therapist. Together we can start to chart a path to clarity. 

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